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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gift Ideas from A Farm Mom

Last week, Dairy Carrie made a list of her favorite gift ideas.  I have 2 farm boys, I mean they live and breathe farm life, so shopping for them is not going out to buy the latest Nintendo game.  They own more (toy) cows than I have real ones.  I also like to support the small businesses of America.  You will have to follow me a long time before you will find me in a Walmart, so yes my Gift ideas are similar to Dairy Carrie’s, but different, too.

Picture taken from the Decatur Dairy Site.

I am so excited that Dairy Carrie introduced me to Decatur Dairy.  I placed my order on Friday.  I have tried their Pepper Havarti which I used in my Taco Bites Recipe.  The prices for Decatur Dairy are really reasonable.  In fact, the cheese is less per pound than the cheese at our local grocery store.


Picture taken from the Site.

My boys love the Rainbow Beans from Lee Seeds.  The Kansas Soybean Commission gives these to me when I do Ag in the Classroom presentations.  They taste and look a lot like your other candy coated chocolates, but have a roasted soybean in the middle. 

Picture taken from the BeanPod Candle Site.

I love to give gifts that are related to what we produce on our farm.  I recommend the Bean Pod Candles made from soybeans.  They are cleaner burning and totally renewable.  I buy them at our local florist Blessed Blossoms if you are in the area.

Picture copyright Legacy Livestock Imaging

Recently, I was introduced to Legacy Livestock Imaging.  If you or someone you know loves cows, they have some amazing pictures taken at ranches.  One of the ranches is one of my favorite to buy bulls from, Mill Brae Ranch.  This ranch has great cattle and even better people to work with.  If you live in Kansas, they will deliver your order to the Kansas Beef Expo in a few weeks and will have prints available for sale there as well.

Picture taken from the Happy Toy Maker Site.

If your kids have been REALLY, REALLY good this year AND they LOVE being little ranchers, you have to see the toys made by the Happy Toy Maker.  These toys are amazing!  I think they would be sure to last through several generations.  I caught my boys with the advertisement and the telephone one day.  Luckily, I stopped them before they made a phone call.

Picture taken from the Chimeara Site.

 One of my favorite gifts of all time was from my brother.  If you are looking for jewelry for the animal lover in your family, check out Chimeara.  The crystal laser etched jewelry can be breed specific and I am not just talking cattle breeds either, they have dogs, pigs, rabbits, horses and who knows what else you can find on their site.

Picture taken from the Kansas City Steaks Site.
I can’t do a gift post without suggesting that you give the gift of BEEF!  One of my sister-in-laws worked for Kansas City Steaks when she lived in K.C.  They have some great steaks and burgers if you don’t have a local supply of beef. When my brother was transferred to Connecticut, they left Kansas City with their car packed with steaks.  LOL  My brother and his wife highly recommend the Beef Wellingtons or really anything on the list is great.  They had no complaints at all.

I would be in trouble with my brother in law if I didn't suggest that you buy new tires for your classic car.  Rusted Tires can order Goodyear tires for your classic car (1920-1980) that look just like the original tires!  Check out his Facebook page that I set up for him.  He is still trying to get the hang of a Facebook page, but he will be posting pictures of cool cars in the near future.  He loves to talk cars and would love to help you out if you are in the market for tires.  :)

One place that is on my Christmas list is The Silver Steer.  I love the look of their cattle charms.  If anyone is wondering what to get me, here is the link to their site.
Picture taken from The Silver Steer Site.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday.  Let me know if you try any of my gift ideas and be sure to check back for more holiday gift ideas of the homemade kind.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

UPDATE:  CountryLinked has posted her favorite places to shop which happen to be a lot of where I shop too!  Check out her Gift Giving Ideas.

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