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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Act of Kindness for Leontien

If you have followed me very long especially on Facebook, you have heard about Leontien.  Sadly, last week, she lost her battle with cancer.  Yesterday, her Facebook page requested for 34 random acts of kindness blog posts on their Facebook page, Love for Leontein, for today what would have been her 34th birthday.

I knew exactly what/who I wanted to contact.  The Farmer and I contacted Miss Gayle from S-Wheat Farm Life about her dinners she holds on her farm each year.  I love seeing her videos from her farm and learning about how they farm in Idaho.  Yes, farming in Idaho is different than farming in Kansas.  We both raise wheat, but we sure don’t raise Garbanzo beans.

Gayle’s daughter tragically lost her husband 2 months after their wedding.  Gayle has put her blog aside until spring to help her daughter and family heal.  The Farmer asked me just last week if I had heard from her and told me that I should send her a note that we were thinking of her, so I can’t take credit for the idea.

If you read Gayle’s post you will see that she explains perfectly that while tragedies occur, life on a farm must go on EVERYDAY.  Just as Leontien’s family is grieving there are still cows that need milked multiple times a day and baby calves that need fed.

I sent Gayle a message this morning letting her know that we missed her posts and that we’d be thinking about them and sending our prayers their way.  I did get a response from her this morning.  She thanked me and said days are slowly getting better and the sun shines a little brighter every day.   She also gave me some words of encouragement on my blog and to continue to think about having a dinner on our farm.  I love how an act of kindness always has a way of brightening your day.

Have a great day everyone and feel free to add your own Random Act of Kindness to the Love for Leontien Page.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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