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Friday, September 19, 2014

BBR-Growing Up Strong

The fifth book in the Kansas Farm Bureau Series in Growing Up Strong.
We have already looked at:
Farmers and Ranchers Care about Their Animals
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Kailey’s mom is a pediatrician and is a guest speaker at her school. She talked about the food the kids eat.  When Kailey gets home, she calls Grandma to tell her all about the presentation.

Kailey’s mom was sure to talk about how farmers and rancher care for their animals and land to produce safe, nutritious food for all of us.  She talked about the variety of foods we should all eat and making smart decisions.

She also emphasized the importance of exercise in addition to healthy eating.

Grandma concludes that if Kailey’s mom keeps it up they might be able to make her an honorary farmer just like Kailey.

The kids like how this book is more of a conversation with Grandma than a lecture about good nutrition.

-A Kansas Farm Mom