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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Farm & Ranch Wife Gift Guide

I laugh each year when people say that I or my friends are hard to buy for.  Farm and Ranch women like practical items and few fun items that help them show the pride in their job.  Last year, I gave a variety of gift giving ideas for your family and friends.

Fun Farm Baking

My favorite fun item I have found this past year are these fun cookie cutters, chocolate molds and cake pan that look like real animals.  These are not cartoon looking cows.  The chocolate molds have been a hit with the kids for topping cupcakes and are super easy to make.  The Branded Barn is my favorite place to look for cookie cutters these days.


Muck Boots

Since I work outside almost everyday, I need shoes that are practical and comfy.  These boots keep my feet warm in the winter and aren’t too hot in the warmer months.  They are much more comfortable that the cheap rubber boots that most of us buy our kids to wear and they are making them in fun colors for women, too.  I have talked to several of my friends who say they are one the the best things their husband has ever given them.  Usually, I look online to find a selection of boots like the ones in the big picture, but these are at the Flint Hills Feed and Supply in the small town of Eureka, Kansas.  If you are local & looking for them, they are one block North of the stoplight.
Now, if the farm woman in your life likes more patterns in her attire, there are other boot companies out there to fill that need as well.    Check out these boots that a couple of my friends love to sport around the farm.


What woman doesn’t like a few blings around her neck?  Since the hint didn’t work last year, I am putting charms from on this list again.  Maybe this year someone in the family will read my blog and get them for me.   I also like the charms from Cow Art and More for my friends who like dairy animals instead of beef and she even has a tractor and an ear of corn.

Atom Popper

It’s no secret that I love to cook, so my list wouldn’t be complete without at least one kitchen gadget.  The Atom Popper was originally made in my home town.  The factory has moved to another small town in Kansas.  I love that I can control how much oil is used in the popping.  The design keeps the corn from burning and requires no shaking or stirring while cooking.  I have been told that you can make kettle corn at home in it and I am working to perfect the recipe.

A Weekend (or week) Off

What woman wouldn’t want a few days to relax?  Farmers with livestock don’t get very many days off.  I think it would be awesome to have a few days with some girl friends to just be a girl.  Women are definitely in a business dominated my men and sometimes it’s nice to just relax and talk about girly things.

I need your gift ideas

What are your favorite gift ideas for the women in your life?  Seriously, I am looking for suggestions for my mom and mother in law and could use your help.  

Happy Holidays!

Don't forget that my farmer gave me the coolest gadget last year for Christmas!
Did you catch my Farm Boy Gift Guide?  Stay tuned for the Farmer Gift Guide.

-       A Kansas Farm Mom