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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Farm Boy Gift Suggestions

Buying gifts for farm kids really isn’t that different from shopping for their city cousins.  They do have a few specialized items on their lists, but they still like the typical boy gifts like Legos, Erector Sets and Estes Rockets.

Here are some of the favorite things my kids and I have found this past year.  

The Junior Animal Science Club

This was recommended last year by my friend Janeal who writes Mom at the meat Counter.  The kids get a monthly email, quarterly newsletter, back pack and water bottle.  Janeal says her Pre-K age daughter loved it last year.  I signed my boys up this year and in the first newsletter they have learned about exotic animals, marine animals, and sheep.  It even has an experiment for them to perform with their heart rate.  I highly recommend the Junior Animal Scientist.

Ag Books

 I love to give books as gifts.  Our city cousins really seem to enjoy getting them to learn more about

where their food comes from and my boys love reading about something they already know a little about.  My absolute favorite book we received as a gift has been Cowboy Small, but maybe that’s because our last name is Small.  My oldest loved the book Levi’s Lost Calf and has said it is the best book he had read (up to that point in his life).  I have enjoyed giving the city cousins the Kaylee books from Kansas Farm Bureau.  They are great for families and as a classroom gift.

It’s A Farm Thing

My farm boys are proud to live on a farm.  They like to wear clothes that show they are farm kids and livestock showing kids.  It’s A Farm Thing has a full line of clothes that help us show that pride for reasonable prices and high quality shirts. 




Ag Camp Registrations

I love this post by Robin about ag camps.  She talked about Lamb Camp and many other camps that are available for kids interested in agriculture and giving the registration as a gift.  My favorite camp growing up was McPeak’s Be A Champ Cattle Camp while my kids are a little on the young side for a camp like this, I may just put camp registration under the tree for the oldest.   I loved going to livestock judging camps as a kid at Oklahoma State and Northeastern Oklahoma A&M.  

Farm Toys

My kids have an obsession with all things farm in their toy collections.  I have been amazed at the detail that some people go into to produce realistic farm toys.  My oldest was so excited when he found BigCountry Farm Toys at WalMart with prices that are amazingly reasonable.  They have a full line of toys including panels, bale feeders, windmills, squeeze chute, truck and trailer.  He loves the squeeze chute that he could afford with his own money.  

I always struggle with stocking stuffers, though.  What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas?  My kids would love to open their stockings and find something other than batteries and underwear.

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-       A Kansas Farm Mom
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