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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AgChat Swap Meet What Kansas has to Offer

When attending the AgChat Foundation’s swap meet, I got some really great items, but to get those items I had some great contributions from several Kansas organizations. 

The Kansas Wheat Commission sent me these great cookbooks.  They print a new one each year and I always pick one up when I attend the Kansas State Fair.  These cookbooks are a favorite source for me to find new recipes.  I have shared several from these recipes from year’s past like Two Cheese Braided WheatBread, Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies, Cheesy Enchiladas, Old Fashioned Apple Crisp and Whole Wheat Angel FoodCake.

I was excited that they have this year’s book online, so be sure to check out the Kansas Wheat Commission Cookbook 2013.

The Kansas Soybean Commission sent me these adorable silicone Cow and Pig shaped oven mitts.  They were a hit with the ladies of the conference and got me some great trades.  Soybeans have lots of uses from industrial to edible.

The Kansas Corn Commission was so great to send these wonderful cotton gloves that the guys really liked.  They are even made by a Kansas company called Plain Jan’s.

The corn group also sent these ethanol koozies.  The Kansas Corn Commission has also helped sponsor Nascar events for the last three years.

The Kansas Beef Council provided these great little travel mirror/key chain combinations. 

I also handed out some recipes from the Kansas Beef Council that I had and a booklet about beef producers.  I also like to go to the Kansas Beef Council for recipes like the Mediterranean Steak Salad, Taco Bites, and Calypso Beef Soup.


I really appreciated all the generous donations from all the commodity groups.  It is great to work with such a supportive group of people.  If you were at the AgChat Swap Meet, what would you have chosen to take home with you? 

-A Kansas Farm Mom